Just ordered my uConsole

Hi there!

I just ordered a uConsole which is pretty exciting. I have some electronics background and plan on making an extension board that provides power and UARTs for an ExpressLRS transmitter (or two) - I would like to use it as a portable Ardupilot mission planner.

Apart from that I’m interested in how folks use the uConsole day-to-day? I’m thinking of going mostly the TUI route for mail, messaging, etc. Does anyone have any good TUI recommendations?

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For me im gonna be using it for mostly music stuff and also having a nice learning environment for coding/electrical engineering and theres a thread with other peoples uses as well as separate threads for individual types of uses like music production ect.


I have a similar plan but looking to use HM30 for telemetry instead. By the time I receive my uConsole sometime summer 2024, i should have figure out the capabilities between Rpi and HM30.
If all fails, just USB for preflight mission planning would be really cool.

Yeah nice. Those SiYi units are pretty neat. ExpressLRS has an option called airport which allows you to use them as telemetry link and since I’ve never had any kind of range issue with my ELRS gear (expecially the 900MHz stuff, but the 2.4GHz stuff seems to be invincible too) I think that’ll be fine to run mavlink over.

I’ve never heard of that before. I’ll need to look that up! Thanks for sharing. It sounds like a cheaper and lighter alternative to RFD900. I’m going to see if i can run Airport with my Radiomaster Boxer!

Yeah I use my Boxer as my main controller but I have my old 915MHz setup that I can use as my airport link.