Allwinner VPU support fully funded

Exciting news, hardware acceleration would be huge for not only Gameshell but all Allwinner based devices. They plan to support our R16 in addition to a hand full of other models new and old. I posted this on the Kickstarter comments then I saw we have a forum now so I reposted here :smile:

They’re crushing their goal already, almost 8k higher funding than last night! Looks like we’ll see all stretch goals at this rate.


I’ve heard not so great things about the allwinner chipset. Its cheap, no proper drivers. Why not try a Videocore or viviante chipset? This is only for the VPU and not the GPU.

That is what Clockwork chose to put in the Clockwork Pi, I’m assuming exactly because it’s cheap and what they’re selling isn’t a console to compete with other consoles on performance, bit one that’s affordable and offers the modular and simple capabilities of the GameShell at the right price.

There is not « Videocore » or « vivante » chip, they are integrated in the SoC of the corresponding manufacturer (Like Broadcom for the videocore)

AllWinners come with a Mali GPU, and you really can’t compare the price of an all winner chip and a Broadcom chip. A RaspberryPi with an all winner would cost 5 to 10 times less

Ps Videocore is both a DSP and GPU in Broadcom design, that’s the part of the RaspberryPi that do vérifie encoding, decoding and the all the 3D graphics.

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