Alternative (please write here all knows alternative)

C.H.I.P. alterntive

Better processor, and very responsive. Not expensive

I might be wrong, but isn’t that powered by a single Cortex-A8? The GameShell has a quad core Cortex-A7 so, more lower power cores. Things might run faster because they were made for single core use, but I wouldn’t say it is “better”.
Otherwise, I can’t get to the site to see the price, so I can’t speak about bang for your buck. This seems like just the thing for a friend who just wants to emulate some games though!

Don’t use the 7 or 8 to categorise the type of arm. Cortex A8 is older than the A7

I was having difficulty finding if the A7 was actually faster or not. I now it is more efficient and made with a smaller nm process

Is there a good place to compare cores in the future?

Xiaolongwang simulator handheld game console more than 30 simulators 12000 games

meybe in some time in some part of galactices dingoo rewitalise

Was curious and had difficulty finding information on this, but here’s a review with details on the hardware. Sounds underpowered (with an older/slower CPU which I guess is common for this sort of device?), but I guess it’s ok if all you want to do is play some older emulators.

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Not sure how these compare spec with Gameshell but others on the market - Bitboy (new version coming out) & Retrostone - probably many more.

The Xiaolongwang/LDK looks super uncomfortable. Since I have the GameShell I understand why both the GameShell and the original GameBoy have so much space underneath the buttons. It’s for your hand to grab it tightly. Without this space it will be horrible to play, even the GameShell I think would benefit with a little more space, like the original GameBoy.

for me comfortable aare Ethernet, usb 3.0 USB C and big acumulator/ power. ;D
not space

thanks for link, conclusion are nice, very nice.
Open source goint to china and era normaly linux on emulators begining

4h working time not good, clockwork work half time in my opinion.