Gameshell vs GPD XD



Hi how does the gameshell compares to the GPD XD PLUS 5? in aliexpress they are around the same price, and since android accepts retroarch and other emulators and also can play steam through steam link wouldn’t it be best to just get a GPD? I know a gameshell is more computer-like but other than the DIY benefits and the nerdy stuff, how does it compare to the GPD?


Not sure you can really compare.

The gameshell have a gameboy shape, the GPD is more like a Nintendo DS, screen is bigger, run android.

The chipset is quite different too…
The GPD use a Mediatek 8176, which is a Cortex A72 64bit and a PowerVR GX6250 (which is way more recent and powerful than the Mali 400 we have on the AllWinner chip of the Gameshell, and outside of Android getting driver for it is probably a bit… difficult :confused:

So comparing is a bit difficult, because they are really different product. Also the fact that the Gameshell is close to fully open source, the GPD isn’t.


If you want to stream games over the Gameshell you could use a program that used to be called Limelight Pi []. It was a Program I used on the Raspberry Pi B+ and it was able to use Nvidia Gamestream in order to stream Pc games to the Pi and it actually worked quite well. I am not entirely familiar with the Gameshell hardware but I do think it might be rather similar to the Raspberry Pi. So you could try that out.