Other handheld emulators



I’m just wondering if any of you guys are into handheld emulators as much as I am. I have a gpd xd+, and modded new 3ds xl, a retro mini, and I’m currently waiting on gameboy zero, gameshell, and the new bittboy to come in the mail. I also have a vita and a switch (I ply mostly in handheld mode). Plz tell me in not the only one that loves handhelds this much lol​:v:t5::man_shrugging:t5:


I have a retrostone! I love it so much.


I’m still undecided on the retrostone. I have looked at it though


I am waiting for TinyPiPro.


I thought about getting one. I have a pocket sprite. I know they aren’t the same. But I don’t want two tiny handhelds. And I heard the battery life is a little better on the pocketsprite


It runs GBA and has a solid HDMI interface lol


I have a waveshare Gamehat and a retrostone. Waiting on the gameshell. Fun part for me is modding and programming the images.


Ive never heard of a waveshare


Wait… after looking it up, I have. I’m not a fan of the design.


I like the restrostone because of the larger screen and the triggers on the back of the device. Solid build quality as well.


I may eventually pick up the retrostone. I do like all the functionalities of it. But I’m assuming that by the end of this month, I’ll have my gameshell AND my gameboy zero. And both of those share a basic similarity to the retrostone. I know they aren’t as powerful. But I already have a gpd xd+ and I think that’s much closer to the specs of a retrostone, if not more powerful.


This device emulates GBA flawlessly. I made a video to prove the fact. My device ran out of battery at the end. Forgive me lol


Yeah it does! Why was ETA Prime upset about it then?


He was using mGBA. You can ONLY get the working copy of gPSP for gameshell on THIS FORUM

He obviously dfidnt look lol


Ahh I see! Any way you could link the working copy for the lazy? :stuck_out_tongue:


I did on a bunch of other posts. Search gpsp and youll find it.


Sorry to reply to such an old post. But mGBA runs perfectly for me.


Hey no worries man!

Are you on 0.3?

I’ve heard mGBA runs much smoother with the LIMA driver more in place… but it’s still to unstable of a build for me to use ATM.


I got the Gameshell (obviously) and two Odroid GOs, one for gaming and one for Arduino tinkering. I love the Odroids too, they are cheap and their clear plastic is great for case mods.


Even without Lima. 60 fps no glitches. On 0.3.