Alternative so-dimm cpu modules?

I purchased my dev term with the a402, but am curious about the other modules. I’m not terribly interested in the rpi cm3. Does anyone have any info on other good 200pin cpu modules that exist?

i’m not sure if there are any other CM3 modules that are compatible other than RPi 3 and CPi. It might be possible that you can use a RPi 4 CM with an adapter, but it likely won’t fit in the case and may collide with the board.

Yeah, I had been looking at the gumstix cm4 uprev adapter and I think you’re right on the fitment. Hoping that clockworkpi offers the option to buy the a604 on it’s own as I’m kind of regretting now only having 2gb of ram on this.

CPi is more than likely to sell the modules independently at some point. Maybe not at release day, but more when thing get stable in term of sales (I don’t know exactly, just know that the chance of selling them stand-alone is high.)

As for the rest, I am not aware of any other CM1/2/3 compatible module other than the CPi one.

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Thanks, yeah I’m hopeful for that for sure.

There are lots of hardware compatible SODIMM modules; but RPi and CPi are the most hobbyist friendly you will find.

An alternative example is the iWave Rainbow SoM that can be configured to have 2.0GHz speed with 8Gb RAM. I don’t have any experience with them but they are designed to run Linux 4.14.98 and Android Pie 9.

I don’t expect that module will work without tinkering but plan on buying one, once the novelty of my stock devterm starts to wane.

Being on a SO-DIMM form factor is not enough, you need the pinout to be the same else it’s useless.