Devterm A04 changed to CM4, now able to do hdmi out!

Hiya everyone,

I originally ordered a Devterm with an A04 module. It worked well and I was able to play around a bit. After the base distro version changed (from to hirsute to jammy ) and I was not able to compile a newer distro/version, I went online to and bought from WElectron a cm4108000 (RPi CM4 - 8GB RAM, No MMC, With Wifi). I also ordered a cm4 carrier board from clockworkpi. When all the bits arrived i installed it into the devterm and downloaded the 64bit image for CM4 from [] and installed the microsd card.

Everything works really well, I am able to install and update software, HDMI works! Am still playing with the options. Will also try to compile stuff and will update this thread.