DevTerm CM4 with eMMC: Anyone have any boot/loading benchmarks?

Hi everyone,

So I ordered the CM4 adaptor module for the DevTerm, and I was wondering if anyone had any benchmarks or practical experience with a CM4 with eMMC memory on the DevTerm? Is it significantly faster in loading data, or is it only marginally so? Is it worth taking the loss of the SD Card reader? Is there any pros/cons I might be missing?

I’m just trying to gauge if getting a CM4 with eMMC is worth while or not. For that matter, I’m not entirely sure if the performance is similar/better/worse than my original A06 module even to begin with?

CM4 is much better than any other else!

I’d be very interested in comparisons between a06 and CM4. A06 with all 6 cores running should be faster, but things don’t always work out that way.

I would also be interested to see the results. There seems to be a lack of reports for CM4 adapter users, so all i could find was general anecdotal accounts or opinions.