Announcing the 1st Clockwork Game Jam Event


a good occasion to learn LÖVE2D.

@yong you mean deadline, but when is oficially start ? since we read it ?

btw : im noob with reward system : CPI points ? , Ethereum ? is a kind of forum money ?


This kind of thing is the primary reason I wanted to get a game shell. I originally got an RPi for the same reason, but constantly found myself wishing it was portable, but I wasn’t hardware savvy enough to do something myself.

This game jam seems like the perfect opportunity to dust off some old code in combination with returning to my RPi (at least until my GS arrives…) and my SDL/C++ project. I’m doing my own software renderer and am curious how CPU performance compares between the gameshell and a RPi 3. Anyone who has a GS already able to confirm any differences between them?


Making a GameShell Application(?)

Submissions open from next Tuesday to March 1st, 2019

Theme: Space & Cosmos

You’re welcome to interpret it however you wish, but if you need some ideas to kickstart your creativity, think about how your game could have been discovered and played by the aliens on the Voyager probe when it enters the Interstellar Space.

Development Environment: any language that runs on GameShell

Specification of the ClockworkPi GameShell device could be found on and Kickstarter.

Deadline: must submit your game by Feb. 28, 2019

Have fun! Join Jam now


Question about the distribution - I’m using Phaser (and linking into the GSP UI), so it’s not a standalone executable.
What’s the best way to submit this? As a standalone web app for easy judging, or with instructions to plug into GSP, or with a shell script to install a whole standalone copy of the whole env?