Announcing the 1st Clockwork Game Jam Event

Theme: Space and Cosmos
Dev environment: any language that runs on GameShell
Deadline: must submit your game by Feb. 28, 2019

(Please follow this thread for participation application, rules and details)

Award: Most Favorite TOP3 games, voted by forum users, and best story, best music, best technology award.

Reward: CPI points* (based on Ethereum)

  • TOP1: 2000 points
  • TOP2: 1600 points
  • TOP3: 1000 points
  • Best Story: 1000 points
  • Best Music: 1000 points
  • Best Tech: 1000 points

* Every 200 CPI points can exchange one GameShell kit. (CPI points are not redeemable for cash)



This is exactly why I purchased a GameShell


Are you trying to make me a game developer? cause this might be how I become one.


Wow so excited to start my game, were do we post them to??


ClockworkPi Points (CPI PTS)
Contract address: 0xBBF83619544ef7e516020B8971a27cb09700be26

For more details please see:


I think that the the game jam should be hosted at This would make the process of sharing the games and voting easier.


This sounds great. When will there be clear details and rules?
Also, I don’t have a Gameshell, would this be a problem or could me and my team submit our game without testing it on the console itself?

It could be an issue but just look at the console specs and emulate the is on a raspberry pi, the is that you can download should work on the pi but the controls might be a bit hard to use

@tomer_cool I would say there are no problems developing on RPi instead of GS. I am at the moment working on something that compiles with about the very same options on both in C/C++ and with SDL. GS of course has only 320 x 240 pixels on it’s screen, that has to be taken care of. The controls too are not too hard to get along with, the keypad source documents well which key will do what, so you can press the very same keys on your RPi, or have some configurable key mapping.

I have not tried whether the results are binary compatible, however this question does not even arise when working with python for example.

@tomer_cool and those interested, RPi and GS are binary compatible. However this will not make testing unneeded. There are a couple of things where RPi goes other ways, e.g. bcm_host library, see also Pi Video Core APIs. However I compiled some test programs in C/C++ on GS, ran them on RPi and the other way around.

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Thanks for the advice!

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This is great! A friend and I have both ordered GameShells and are interested in participating in the Game Jam. Any updates on where/how it will be hosted? suggestion makes a lot of sense to me, they have a good setup for game jams.

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Not sure I’ll have a completed or tested game in time for this competition, but I certainly will for the next one!
I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

I’m still in the early stages with mine, having a lot of startup issues (like performance, accidentally wrecking twm, etc)

Do ports count? There’s a phaser project we’re doing for Pi…

Yes! We will be hosting this Game Jam on, please allow us a few more days to work out the detailed rules and competition signup page.

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Sounds amazing. Shame I can’t make games…lol. I can’t find a reputable tutorial for them.


Just learn a language. Once you learn a Language, you can start


It’s always awesome to see something you wrote on a new platform…
And now we have a POC on the Gameshell!
Thanks guys for kicking off such a great event, and for making such an awesome device!

Time to really get to work now! Assets, performance, gameplay - the real work starts now.


Good luck! Looks like it is a platform game, any more info? The hero sprite is the one from phaser.js? Which engine/language do you use?


Sure! The POC there is simply a quickie tileset mockup using a few publicly available assets. That particular mockup is a platformer, we also used it to test a variety of things such as emitters, collisions, overlaps, framerate, tileset size, updateable fonts and dynamically adding/removing tiles. There were a few tiny quirks, but basically it did just fine. It’s about half the FPS of a modern laptop, but still completely adequate.
That NodeJS port is brilliant, and your thread on setting it up worked great.

The final product won’t actually be using any of these assets of course, merely the POC of using a phaser 3.15-based toolset on GameShell.

For the real deal, we’ll be using those techniques, but I’ll keep the surprise of what it is and how it ties into the space/cosmic theme for later :wink:

/edit For anyone looking for art assets, is running a sale right now…

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