Any pre-owned Gameshell for sale?

Looking to buy a used Gameshell complete with all modules including Lightkey. I am in UK.

Based on what I’ve seen for sale on here, you’d be better off to get a brand new unit.

Depending on where it is shipping from, the shipping cost might far outway the cost of the used device… you’d be better off spending the same amount (maybe a bit more) for the piece of mind that its brand new. Also, you’ll get to assemble which is half of the fun.

Not minimizing buying used. Do your thing. That’s my 2 cents tho!

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I’m happy to sell you mine and I’m also in the Uk so you can avoid them custom fees.

The unit has a 64gb as sd card pre loaded with the 0.3 firmware update along with some roms.

Condition is great and original packaging is included.

Let me know if you are interested and I’ll take some pics.

Is it the 1GB ram model, and with the 5 lightkey addon module?
And the price?

Could you put it on ebay?