Gameshell white/grey incl. lightkey for Sale

Hi there

If someone is looking for a White/Grey Gameshell incl. Legocase and Lightkey, please let me know.

I just build the Gameshell together and load a few games on it… So it’s like new and in great condition.

Selling price is 125.- USD (this is what i pay for the unit) for the unit and accessoirs.


Hi Christian :slight_smile: I would be interested in purchasing it. Please advise as to how to best proceed with the exchange. Thanks!

Bummer, @Biznach just beat me to it. :grinning:

Hi Noah thanks for your interest. Were are you located? Then i can let you know the total amount.

You could send me the money over paypal it would be the easiest way, right.

Let me know, thanks


I am in San Mateo, California USA.
Would it be possible to post a pic of the Gameshell with your username or date to help verify validity of merchandise? I don’t want to be a pain, but since I do not know you well yet, it would make me more comfortable sending the money :wink:


if you are still selling this, pm me and i’ll buy it off you