Selling White Gameshell

Hey guys, Lenux here.

I’m selling gameshell because i didn’t used it and i’m sure some people would like to get their hand on one.
I’m including a 64 gb sd card.

I don’t have the original boxes nor the lego plastic case with 5 buttons module.
only the white gameshell.

I’m actually located in France shipping, only in EU.

Looking for 120euro excl shipping, Paypal only.


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is this the new board or the old one?

It is the one from kickstarter i guess it’s the old one.

Is this still available?

Is this GS still available by chance? Also I know you said only mailing in EU but would you reconsider if the shipping cost was covered by the buyer by chance? I have found a brand new GS on a site after a very deep and thorough search; only down fall to it tho is that they want like $300 after tax and such for it. I’m not sure I want to pay that much for one. If you’re firm on your decision with shipping no worries! I can be patient for the next batch release. :slight_smile: best of luck!!

NM I double checked your asking price, I’m not looking to pay brand new price for a used item that will be restocked. Thank you tho!

Yes still available, PM me so we can sort it out.

I’m sorry to say that I have gone with another GS that was offered to me a couple days ago. I do appreciate the response back and again I’m sorry that I am not able to continue on with yours. I happened to msg quite a few people on these forums that were selling their GS since most of the posts were so old and the possibility of them being sold already was so high. I just wanted to explain because I’ve been told by a few that most of the people who ask about the availability of the items just stop responding without a single word and I feel that that kind of behavior is childish and unacceptable.
Again I apologize that I went with a different seller but I do wish you luck with your sale!!

Haha no problem if you finded a local seller it’s better for you :wink:

Have a nice week

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