Any thoughts about it?

A new toys to wait for :slight_smile:

Already lots of talk about this on one of the shipping threads. Though that discussion would be better had here. :wink:

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Feverishly waiting for one of these. I’m checking on the shipment delivery status twice a day.


And what about it ?
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I wonder why the keyboard is pixelated on every pictures ?

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Keep the lawyers away. They’re using surplus blackberry keyboards, and they’re branded.


I’ve watched this recently BlackBerry (film) - Wikipedia and it did put this keyboard front and center in my mind. I just had to buy a Beepberry/Beepy. I have no ETA for it, it’s “in transit”.

I just got the LILYGO T-Keyboard

I ordered one earlier in the summer - it’s on it’s way… it’s been in postal limbo for about two weeks (shipment promised 7-10 working days…) it’s a terminal console device only… Sorrt the Beepy - but I have the Lilly go one too… haven’t decided what to do with it but would love to make a udp/LORA communicator…