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This is the place for Beepy (Beepberry Pi) etc… so we stay out of the other forums and keep things neat and tiddy…


Nice. Mine is still “in transit”. Was mailed 6 days ago, if I trust the shipment travel history.

it took two weeks before i saw an update

Both Beepy and UConsole are en route. Which one will hit my home first?

Found a guy on YouTube making a replacement board for the Sony PSP to upgrade it to a CM4 or a Pi Zero with all the buttons and even the joystick working. It is still in the development stages, but i think ill grab one for my PSP when he is done with them. He has made several videos detailing multiple prototypes, very entertaining to watch.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wA1yUhmJxmM

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I had completely forgotten I even purchased a Beepy/Beepberry until it turned up at my door a few days ago. Lots of teething issues with it atm, keyboard issues, some bad batches with dodgy charging circuitry and a few other things but it is a fun little thing and an excuse to fire up the 3d printer again to make a case for it.