Screen Rotate problem on some applicaton

As expected, it’s not easy.

After enabling the VNC service and booting, the screen rotates 90 degrees to the left. The same goes for Kodi.

Even though screen rotation is handled in the kernel, some apps don’t seem to be affected by it.
I’m curious to know how others set it up.

<<added at 2023-10-10 (Tue)>>

By restoring the folloing, screen rotation problem is fixed (for VNC service)

$ cat /etc/X11/Xsession.d/100custom_xrandr
xrandr --output DSI-1 --rotate right

I guess the other problem of Kodi screen is due to the version of it. (19.x)
I’m trying to source compile the 20.x version of Kodi.


I too would be interested to know how to sort this with Kodi.

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any update on this issue? netflix, hulu etc. are fine fullscreen but kodi and VLC rotate 90 degrees when toggled into fullscreen mode.

I’m running into this issue with dungeon crawl stone soup. Definitely for the tiles version, and I think also for the console version (but it won’t launch, claiming the terminal dimensions are wrong… probably too narrow?)

I had to build it from source to run on arm, following debian instructions in

It gives an error message: “OpenGL error GL_INVALID_ENUM”

w3m’s image extension (sudo apt install w3m-img) is also rotated, overlayed on the correctly landscape mode text!

I noticed the same thing with both Steam Link and Moonlight client.
I don’t think it’s X related, since I have to launch them from a console tty for them to run (beside the current X wm), and running the xrandr rotate command from another tty does nothing.

Maybe the defaut orientation is hardcode in these programs… Maybe some kind of wrapper can do something ?

I only managed to have moonlight-qt running (with wrong orientation), I will try to make moonlight-embedded run since it seems to support a "rotate"option. Wish me luck :-p

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