Any way to install accelerated VLC/Mplayer, and and Image viewer? -> Kodi works!


I wanted to ask if there’s already info on installing vlc/mplayer and an image viewer on the clockwork pi?

I have found the usual sites on how to install them on the raspberry, but hardware is not exactly the same, so would those work?


So yeah, turns out you can simply install kodi and it works, although I still need to find a working skin for the low resolution :smiley:

To install kodi like always, ssh into the console, then

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install kodi

Then add the shortcut:

cd ~/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/
echo 'kodi' > ''

reboot and done, so far, but with a skin that doesn’t work for low res…

Edit2: Switching to the old “confluence” skin and setting the font size to bigger ALMOST works :smiley:


That’s cool, but how does one switch to the old “confluence” skin? I’m a Kodi newbe.

First, you have to get the skin via “get more”, then you can select it.

I already got the skin, but this short video I made should help anyways. In it I select the Confluence skin and a larger font size

Controls to use are the D-Pad and Start / Menu

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I made this custom keymapping which might be usefull to anyone struggling with default configuration [Like 1/2 the buttons throw up a PVR error… this fixes that, among other things].

After you have Kodi installed and working, ssh into your gameshell and at the commandline type:

nano ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/keyboard.xml
copy and paste everything bellow these instructions into the nano window, and then press CTRL+x and answer “yes” to save. Then restart your GUI and launch Kodi.
It should’nt be too difficult to look at how I’ve mapped the keys bellow and adjust the .xml file to suit your preferences. As-is none of the keys I’ve mapped throw up the PVR error. And should be intuitive enough to navigate folder structures and play video files.

[copy/paste everything bellow this line]



      <!-- my numpad divide shows up as "forwardslash" -->
      <!-- + and - handle the volume by default -->
      <!-- BackSpace is "back" by default -->
      <!-- Enter is "select" by default -->



    <joystick name="PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (00:1B:FB:F6:E0:F2)">
      <button id="15">Select</button>


works great! now here’s a music recommendation for anyone who doesn’t have that much music on their gameshell: the whole album of “A Message for Marta”, it just feels right to have a good and kinda bizarre album on a interesting little device like the gameshell

I started developing a video player and tested the VLC lib and some others, there are a couple of branches ones with VLC and others without: GitHub - Mihaylov93/MihaPlayer: Video player for ClockworkPi

The “Engine” should be in a working state, what i had left to do was the UX part, controls, animations and options of the UI.

The goal was for it to be native to the CPI, its made with C++ and Qt but its currently not being developed. Feel free to fork it and improve it :slight_smile:

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mpv also work out of the box, gameshell keypad directly give witout any change pause/play, fast&slow forward/rewind

Oh nice! Does it have a file browser to select the videos?

no, but use an external file browser work fine :slight_smile: