Anyone interested in fresh manjaro (plasma) image?

since the last official manjaro release is from 2022, it takes a bit of tinkering and about an hour of updates until it is usable. replacing old key, dependencies, etc

so I wondered if anyone wants a ready-to-use image with the screen settings fixed, and everything updated as of now?



what works: fan controller, gearbox
not working yet: printer

file system expands on first boot. 16gb card (or bigger) recommended because there is a swap partition.
passwords for users cpi and root are cpi (change them!)

It would be nice if it could also run in Uconsole.

you could just try it. the board is the same. afaik only the display driver needs to be changed

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Woww, bro please can you help doing kali image cm4 for the Uconsole??? Pleaseeeeee
I dunno how to patch the drivers