Kali linux for Uconsole?

Hello everyone
How hard is it to get kali linux working for uconsole ?

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Ive tried a couple of times but it comes up with a blank screen every time
Give it a go yourself, i cleaned up the guide clockwork pi has made for making your own images compatible, there are links to the original too if needed

Did u get from get kali website?
If so, Which version did u choose?

Both 32bit and 64bit for the pi, they both had …errors that popped up only got it as far as getting to pop up for a second through hdmi but then blank. But please give it a try and let me know because i want to get both kali and ubuntu working on this, plus a lot of other distros are based off of ubuntu build

I have already asked Alex about it
He sentme this

I dunno how to patch these files on the image I have
If you know how please let me know
Or any guide thatwould help to configure the image

you will have to recompile the kernel with the patches. with the current kernel version you’ll need to do some work to get the patches to work.

Yh the process is long, but there is instructions on how to start it. Everything you need is in the specified core once you go into the patchs folder. But yh im still a little confused on how it all works though. Might have to look at it again in the future.

There’s an image for kali in raspi imager that’s customized for the cm4
But i dunno how to add the screen driver for it
This method might be easier than downloading it straight from get kali

Possibly a good way to go about it, ill see if a can do anything with it

Was thinking you may be able to apply your process to an archived version of Kali which uses a similar kernel.

Seems 2021.3 uses kernel 5.10

OldiImages are here, unsure if it is possible to find old build scripts

kali is a rolling distro, first time you try to update it, things are going to break.

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Strange, why is the latest official adaptation and Kali successful? What is the exact cause? I hope we can find the root cause, so we can adapt to more operating systems ourselves.

Its not successful though, all they did was bash a kernel that’s over 3 years old into a updated build of kali. You can do that to any debian base but its not the way to do it. stuff will break eventually. we should have a debian build with kernel 6.6+

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Waaaou!! pretty cool! I there a way to make a dualboot with standard os and Kali?

I really don’t know how to do about dualboot.

I would think youll need to partition (gparted) the sd card into 2 and possibly use “dd” (info on how to use online) with each image on either partition, just make sure to get the right path to each partition which can be found by using “lsblk” would be something like sda followed by a number, also would make sure to check with lsblk again after doing the first image. But yh i am not so sure if a dual boot will work with raspberry pi, never really done it myself. Another suggestion would be to use sd card extensions as like “os keys” and be able to swap them easily when needed, i have had this idea in mind myself but the ones i bought are a little too short to get them into the uconsole and im planning on making my own at some point to make them fit after i get used to the software to make my own pcb. Will link what i bought so you have an idea what i mean as well as which ones not to buy if you want to use it.

Why? Just swap the sd card.

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If you are like me and has no nails because of a bad habit, its easier said than done to switch sd cards without some tweezers or some other similar tool :rofl:

That’s why I carry a knife! :rofl: