Kali image for Uconsole is here!

Finallyyyyyyyyyyyyy :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::bangbang:


I wish they also provided an image with the most recent raspberry pi kernel…


Let’s hope for everything!!!
If you could ask Alex via email
He would ask the R&D to update

Here is the new kali os image for uConsole CM4

os image file:

md5sum file:

welcome to try/test

and here is the process how this os image was made:


Is there going to be a image made for the DevTerm?

Is there ever going to be a updated kernel?


Recently , no updated kernel

here is the kernel patch code:

update kernel is not that hard

try apply the patch above ,to the newer kernel from rpi and compile

you will get an updated kernel

Me and others have tried to build a newer kernel with the patches and the most recent kernel i can build is 5.10.110 which this build of kali doesn’t even hit. we should have a updated kernel. I think that should be a priority more then bashing a old kernel into updated OS build.

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If following that guide was

nobody would be complaining about the outdated kernel and if by following that guide

there would be a updated kernel in this release of kali you just put out.


Just as I thought, a Kali image can be assembled, just as with any ARM Debian based OS, so long as the patch instructions are followed. A member did just that to show off Kali running perfectly on a uConsole, can’t remember which thread.

I’m not impressed.

Awesome, thanks for your work <3

I started using this Kali image and I like it. However I have no sound. Anyone else having the same issue?


forgot to install a package

just run

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y devterm-audio-patch

will fix the issue

and I will update the os image file soon

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Downloaded, thank you for this. On the other uconsole images I have had issues building Alpha AWUS036ACS wifi drivers which include monitor mode. I was hoping this Kali build may address this. Is there any way your R&D team could add a patch which will support this?

This thread show another user having the same issue.

That’s the shitty realtek version. The ACM is the good adapter.

Thank you for the audio patch. I am very happy with my system now.
Running Kali, Kodi works in right orientation, EmulationStation runs correctly with all the right key mappings. Not sure what else I would want.
Right now I think this is the best OS image for the uConsole!

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You use Kali… for Kodi? Y’know what, you do you. The more people enjoy Linux, the better the ecosystem.

I’ll say it. Kali Linux was built as a disposable OS for pen testing and security research — the sort of thing you would run off of a live CD or in a VM. By default it’s missing important security features because Kali itself being secure isn’t the point.

If you’re going to use it as a regular distro, and you haven’t already done the following, you really should install the kali-tweaks package, then run kali-tweaks in the terminal and select hardening from the menu.

This is all very true and valid points. However, this is a very usable solution for me, with everything working that I wanted out of the uConsole.
I wasn’t able to get all these things working on either of the ‘official’ 2 OS images provided via the Clockwork GitHub page, so while I am ‘misusing’ a pen testing tool/environment on an old kernel, things just work.

Yeah, I also found that the ClockworkPi distros were buggy and had too many preinstalled packages that I had no interest in — plus an unnecessary old fork of Retroarch that performed really poorly. (Just removing it and compiling a new build resulted in better performance.) I get the impression that their team is more focused on hardware than software.

I’ve been really happy with PostmarketOS running SwayWM on the CM4 but I’m not sure if I’d recommend it because it requires a bit of config. And an Alpine Linux distro with a Wayland compositor is its own flavour of weird (though I do appreciate the lack of screen tearing).

That said, I’d definitely enjoy a barebones Armbian / Raspberry Pi OS Lite distro that I could install whatever I wanted on top of.

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