[APP] Battery status on emulators



i did;

sudo apt-get install qt4-dev-tools


sudo apt-get install libqtcore4
sudo apt-get install libqtgui4


To add it to the launcher we must copy the BatMon.sh script to /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell and give it run permissions and cpi ownership (instead of root)


For the batmon folder we need to copy it to /home/cpi/apps you can change this location from the BatMon.sh script.

Doesn’t work? When i reboot GS nothing happens? Also when i click on BatMon from the launcher GS freezes?

You also say; The zip contains a folder called batmon and a script BatMon.sh . Inside the folder we can find the BatMon binary itself and BatMon-loop.sh .

But this folder does not have Baton-loop.sh inside…


https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon/releases/download/0.2rc/BatMon.zip download the release

if you gave that rename the /batmon/BatMon.sh to BatMon-loop.sh with

mv BatMon.sh BatMon-loop.sh


Yes i have those. Lots of them 05


@Micro007 told me about that but I forgot to rename it again, wait Ill fix it before i forget again


Do i edit the BatMon.sh name in the main folder? or in the batmon folder within the folder?


Like this?

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Schermafbeelding 2018-08-09 om 20.35.52


Delete the old stuff and try this: https://github.com/Mihaylov93/BatMon/releases/download/0.3/BatMon.zip

Just uploaded it.


Ok i finale got it…

You do need to edit your explanation…

The BatMon.sh file refers to;

/home/cpi/apps/batmon/BatMon.sh &

Which should be /home/cpi/apps/batmon/BatMon-loop.sh &

Another thing you have to rename manually is the BatMon.sh file in /batmon

/BatMon.sh to BatMon-loop.sh


Tnx anyway… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


What language is all this in? (The code :P) went to programming school but Linux is a whole different animal


C++ and Qt4, also some bash :smiley:


Been using this and think it’s great but I’ve just came across an issue and I don’t know if it’s your calculations, GS OS or the battery.

It got to about 47% and the battery on the OS was showing as red which probably means it’s depleted. I kept playing and when it got to 19% using the battery monitor the GS turned off.


The OS gets the battery the same way, its just that its not a percentage but a given value, lets say there are like 4 states so for state one it could be from 1% - 15% or more. https://github.com/clockworkpi/launcher/blob/029e89737c51832c57a64a346ae3dce4eaa9d799/sys.py/UI/title_bar.py#L127

So they just map values to an icon and the possible values can be a couple of units appart but map to the same icon.

The other thing is that the value only gets calculated every 30 seconds, until 30 seconds have passed you have an old battery value, but its weird that from 19% drops that much in 30 seconds. Maybe it does have an turn of on low battery option because loweing below 10% its bad for the battery.


It’s quite possible. The battery did charge fully in less than an hour now that I think about it so wondering if it never had a full first charge. Normally in the days when these batteries were used touched to charge The phone for 14 hours on the first charge. I’ve got it on a charge for a few hours just now and will retry.

I’m Not a developer by nature but I’ll be having a look through the code to see if there’s anything about a shutdown.


I made a new version in which you could specify the time you want to refresh and some optimizations.

But what do you guys think about setting the background box to black?


Sweet I was just going to have a look at the file and see if I was able to figure something like that out. I think it sounds cool. Do you mean the background box as in the portion of the screen behind the percentage? If you could turn it off and on through config then I think that would suit everyone. Personally I can barely see it depending on the numbers it’s on so I would look for something like being able to increase the text size over the change to a background. Just my opinion though.


Like this


Thankyou! This is great!