Share your favourite App

Hi Folks,

I created this topic to you share your favourite app that you use on GameShell.

Mine are:

SimpleTerminal SDL:
ST is a simple virtual terminal emulator for X which sucks less.
forum: Simple Terminal SDL

The Simple Calendar:
The simple Calendar App for ClockWorkPI GameSH
forum: The simple Calendar App

A widget for Clockwork Pi that displays the battery percentage as a overlay on top of the current window.
forum: BatMon - Battery Status on emulators

I hope you enjoy this topic!


I had no idea these existed! You’d have to dig around a lot to find these! Thanks for putting them all in one place! I’ll definitely be using these!

I saw within one of the threads (calendar) a weather app icon being referenced. So I searched for it in the forums. Here it is!

There was also this hardcore backup server:

If anyone knows of any more great apps/utilities like these I would love to see them!

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I am glad you liked BatMon.

There is a thread for “Requesting” apps