Apt-get update / upgrade breaks uconsole

Hy, i am wondering if i am the only one or what i am doing wrong.

When i do apt-get update and or upgrade, after reboot the uconsole display does not work.
I think that within new kernel the drivers are not implemented…

Anyone sharing this problem && Is there any procedure to get past this?

what core and distro are you using?

You can block the kernel updates so the command apt and apt-get stop spoiling the interface. I’m not sure but you can try `sudo aptitude hold '. Also in the wiki to build your kali linux for UConsole you can see how to manually exclude the updates to the core.

By the way, you’ll do this forum a favor by not starting a topic asking a question that has at least been answered in some way or another. Use the forum’s search feature. Try the suggestions presented in this topic.

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