Architectures of Systems on Module

So, I currently have a DevTerm with the a04. I love it. I am also anxiously awaiting my R-01. I have wanted to play with a RISC-V machine for quite sometime.

With an a04 and r01, I will have two different architectures in a mobile format. Just pop the machine open, swap the SoM, and there ya go.

On the main page for DevTerm, there is the mention of a possible x86 SoM. Does anyone else think it would absolutely amazing to have all three major architectures available in this form factor? I hope ClockworkPi is able to make such a module. It would be the coolest darned thing ever (IMHO)! You have your x86 (hopefully 64bit) module for use with proprietary software for work, or for running legacy software that requires x86. You have your ARM as your daily driver. You have your RISC-V for software/hardware dev on what is likely to be the next major architecture. I dunno. I am rambling now, so I will stop.


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