X86 core under development?

Just been thinking about this a little. On the front page at the CPI website, there’s a brief mention of CPI working on implementing other architectures for use with the DevTerm. Do we know how far along this is, and what what will mean for compatibility? For instance, are we looking at a low-end Intel chip for running Linux on, or would there be a chance of something slightly more upscale, like an AMD 2030e (for instance) and the ability to run Windows?

Understanding of course that this will likely necessitate us buying our own Windows licences, but it would be neat to have the option of running Windows on the DevTerm alongside/instead of Linux.

Here are the mentions I could find for new hardware:

Raspberry Pi compute module 4: https://twitter.com/Hal_clockwork/status/1468640283604959232

RISC-V: https://twitter.com/Hal_clockwork/status/1466787361468334080

I wouldn’t be surprised if they did x86 but I didn’t see one just yet…


There’s also this, from the landing page:

“Notice: We are also evaluating and testing more CPU architectures, such as FPGA+ARM, RISC-V, and even X86 architecture, and look forward to bringing you more exciting Cores shortly.”

(My emphasis.)

I am sooo looking forward to swapping my A04 for a CM4. Any news on it, besides that one teaser photo we got?

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That’s what I was referring to.

I want Risc5 as module :laughing:

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