Are there any Dev Environments/Tools for Making Games and Apps Directly on Gameshell?

I was wondering if there was any software, such as sprite makers or editors, I could use that would allow me to start creating my own games directly from my Gameshell, since I don’t any have any easily accessible development software at home, and I’d like to be able to create and test games on the go. If there is no current software, are there any plans for creating anything like that?

Pico-8 (commercial, but cheap) and TIC-80 (free!) have development environments built in, but you’d need at least a bluetooth keyboard (and ideally, mouse), and it would be difficult and hard on the eyes to try to just use the Gameshell screen for the display. A better option would be to use a laptop of some sort, run Pico-8 or TIC-80 on that to develop, and then transfer the results to the Gameshell to test. There’s also GB Studio which is free, but again you’d need a laptop or something to run it on: GB Studio - Create Real ROM files

It would be a real challenge to try to make a game development tool using only the d-pad and buttons of the Gameshell. It would be interesting to see if someone tried, but I can’t imagine that it would work that well. Even a sprite editor would be a challenge without a mouse (or touchscreen).