Are they using uconsoles in For All Mankind?

Watching Season 4 Episode 2 of For All Mankind.
Are they rocking uconsoles? IO looks inverted. Is that why ours were delayed?

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Got any pictures of the device?

shape is wrong

That device looks a bit larger than a a uConsole as well.

The one the maintenance crew uses made me do a spit take.


I came here to figure out if anyone knew what it was. Looks like actually 2 different devices. Same form factor though.

Very curious what either one of those are

Looks a bit like this! I think if you’re a prop maker you’ll be able to put something together yourself pretty easily

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It does look a bit like the decktility with maybe a cnc case and rubber corners.

Ahh, I know what that is. Been in my “to build” list for a while now.

The smaller one is this one.


these are much more realistic than the pads on Star Trek next gen - …

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Does looks an awful lot like this. Just with wider screen