Wen ship? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

can @yong or @AlexDuan give deets on when uconsole drops? im super excited and I think you are too!


I just sent them an email this morning. Been checking my inbox all day lol.


Typically CNY is celebrated for up to 2 weeks throughout the mainland. Depending on the individuals, company size, etc. I wouldn’t expect back-to-work productivity until med next week at best (~Feb 1).

At least that how is was a few years back when I lived in HK. May be a bit diff now.

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here in the US we see December as a 1/2 month of productivity due to Christmas/New Years period… plus people take off the week before if they are able… schools are out etc…

True, PTO resets for a lot of companies in the US at the end of the year (Paid time off = “Use it or lose it.”). I work with a ton of international co-workers. It is interesting to try to coordinate meetings and projects around all of the Holidays.

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I would say it’s crunch time… And it’s getting pretty crunchy :grimacing:


I asked shortly after I ordered in November. They indicated delivery in March

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October to March is almost 5 months. Yeah, 90 business days sounds better haha.

Originally, there should be no pressure to ship within 90 days, but because the opening of mainland China in December last year led to a large number of COVID-19 positives, which affected the construction period, I guess it will be half a month to a month late

Perhaps, but transparency is an expectation if you are a customer. Multiply that * 100 if you are an investor.

So everyone is forgetting the email I posted where I was directly told to expect things to move ahead of schedule?

Based on our current understanding, this estimate is subject to change. However, at present, we (the community) anticipate a 90-business-day arrival time calculated from the date of the original order.

that’s Feb 21st for me… maybe March is more realistic…wait - it’s 90 business days…

I am relieved to see users who feel the same way.

I placed my order on 10/25/2022 and received a delivery schedule of within 60 business days.
However, I regret that they changed the delivery date to 90 business days without notice.

A proper announcement would be reassuring.
I will wait patiently.


I had the same thing happen but i am willing to give them some leeway here or there for delay lets hope its doon i need this thing as you can see i love handhelds and i am RGHandhelds :slight_smile:


I got a message from them on 2/28 saying first lot will begin shipping in March. So a few lucky ones will get the uConsole soon


March 31st? Would not be surprised. Human nature is to wait until the last possible second.


I imagine everyone who pre-ordered will get their devices within 2 weeks of when it first ships. I ordered mine a month ago, it would make more sense to ship out everyone’s orders at once, rather than one at a time.

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the DevTerm shipped out in batches - and by processor grade - it’s all about the supply chain - all these units use the same core parts it’s the processors that will drive which group goes out first - and it will be based on availability .

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