Batteries compatible with Uconsole

Can someone post some batteries that are compatible with this device as there are a few types any links to amazon UK would be good thanks.

I’ve been really happy with this one in my DevTerm.


I’m assuming the battery recommendations, research, and information posted for the DevTerm also apply to the uConsole. I responded to this older thread regarding the DevTerm batteries that I’ve successfully used (in my A06).

I’ve kept the Sanyo batteries in my DevTerm this whole time, and they’ve worked fine. The Panasonic work fine too, but I’ve just kept them in reserve. Originally I thought I might need to have backups to swap them out, but the DevTerm charges them just fine, and I tend to be around power outlets for charging often enough that I haven’t needed to actually use the extra set. My plan is to use the Panasonic batteries in the uConsole.