18650 battery assembled brand

It’s common issue, 18650 battery…
Which brand do you recommend ? I know Panasonic, Samsung are good. However, they are cell, not purchase directly. Hopefully, let me know Amazon URL is the best.



There was a topic about batteries already here Batteries compatible with Uconsole - #2 by Daeraxa

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I’ll try it.


2500mah 35a 3.7v Are high discharge batteries harmful to machines?

In general, no. Amps are “pulled” by the system (at least for digital/regulated systems like the uConsole), so the amperage rating (e.g. “35a”) is more like a “max speed” rating. Your uConsole will likely never draw more than a few amps, split between both batteries.

That being said, as an electronic cigarette user (who uses a lot of 18650 batteries) I’ve not heard good things about the EFEST brand. I’d recommend checking Mooch315’s recommended list (he’s an electrical engineer who is a trusted reviewer of batteries in the e-cig world).

You probably want to choose:

  • A battery from a well reviewed vendor (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.)
  • A battery with a high capacity, e.g. 3000-3500mAh, over a battery with a high discharge rating (e.g. 3500mAh at 5A max is going to better for the uConsole than a 2500mAh with a 25A max rating).
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Thanks for the great answer. I also use e-cigarettes, so I was wondering if it would be possible to use it because there are many 18650 batteries.

I have had very good luck with battery junction. They have a wide variety of cells. I would recommend using protected cells. I personally use the 3600 MAH with protection.

no protection circuit size : 65mm(H)
protection circuit size : 69.5mm(H)

Are there any problems with the mounting size?

We carefully designed the battery holder to make it more compatible with various 18650 battery sizes: Φ18±0.5mm diameter, 65-69mm length.

(that’s from https://www.clockworkpi.com/uconsole)

I ordered these as they are protected and within the 69mm limit.

So i ordered a set of these batteries

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Got my batteries just need this device to get them connected

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