18650 battery assembled brand

It’s common issue, 18650 battery…
Which brand do you recommend ? I know Panasonic, Samsung are good. However, they are cell, not purchase directly. Hopefully, let me know Amazon URL is the best.



There was a topic about batteries already here Batteries compatible with Uconsole - #2 by Daeraxa

Thanks a lot !! :smile:

I’ll try it.


2500mah 35a 3.7v Are high discharge batteries harmful to machines?

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In general, no. Amps are “pulled” by the system (at least for digital/regulated systems like the uConsole), so the amperage rating (e.g. “35a”) is more like a “max speed” rating. Your uConsole will likely never draw more than a few amps, split between both batteries.

That being said, as an electronic cigarette user (who uses a lot of 18650 batteries) I’ve not heard good things about the EFEST brand. I’d recommend checking Mooch315’s recommended list (he’s an electrical engineer who is a trusted reviewer of batteries in the e-cig world).

You probably want to choose:

  • A battery from a well reviewed vendor (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, etc.)
  • A battery with a high capacity, e.g. 3000-3500mAh, over a battery with a high discharge rating (e.g. 3500mAh at 5A max is going to better for the uConsole than a 2500mAh with a 25A max rating).

Thanks for the great answer. I also use e-cigarettes, so I was wondering if it would be possible to use it because there are many 18650 batteries.

I have had very good luck with battery junction. They have a wide variety of cells. I would recommend using protected cells. I personally use the 3600 MAH with protection.

no protection circuit size : 65mm(H)
protection circuit size : 69.5mm(H)

Are there any problems with the mounting size?

We carefully designed the battery holder to make it more compatible with various 18650 battery sizes: Φ18±0.5mm diameter, 65-69mm length.

(that’s from https://www.clockworkpi.com/uconsole)

I ordered these as they are protected and within the 69mm limit.

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So i ordered a set of these batteries

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Got my batteries just need this device to get them connected

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If you can manage to get a branded old style laptop battery (black casing, more or less cylindrical outline) and safely disassemble it with care, that would give you best quality battery. Be extra cautious to not short any connections/terminals during the disassembly.

I also have LiitoKala! but mines are the good old green ones. What I have experienced with Liitokala is that they have an aditional transparent wrapping that makes them a bit thicker, they fit on the devterm but makes it bulge a bit.

Bought Liitokala too, but until Uconsole arrives, is stored in my cabinet. Never used this type of batteries before, is it recommended buy a recharger and charge it meanwhile?

Most of the reputed brands ship them with the ideal amount of charge for long term storage of the batteries. Hopefully you should be fine without any recharging/discharging for a while.

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Long-time “vaper” and flashlight nerd here and even though I probably won’t get my uConsole for a very long time I want to hand some warnings.

  1. Amazon/Ali* are a poor source for 18650s. The no-name brands never seem to match anything near what they are rated and the “Samsung/Sony/Panasonic” cells are very often counterfeit.
  2. Flashlight vendors are probably the best source for cells, as they cater to a very well-informed clientele. Personally, I get my 18650’s from illumn.com but I’ve only bought from them three or four times. No complaints, however.
  3. Keep a close eye on the physical dimensions. Protected cells always seem to be near or over the 69mm limit in the design spec for the uConsole.

do the batteries need to be “button top”?