Documentation anywhere

Looked all over and can’t seem to find much information about the actual hardware.

Finally figure out it has to be on to charge and then it takes forever. I have a cable that shows power use and while charging it is taking 4W, that is only 800ma and some of that has to be going to run the thing.

I did find a post on the devterm side where someone figured out how to bump up the charging current but when I try that (with sudo) it gives me permission denied so there may be some hardware differences involved.

Am I missing something here?

Also on a related note what is the “correct” way to shut it down. I do shutdown from the gui and it shows the Linux shutdown messages and then the screen goes blank and the green light in the power button goes off. The problem is the thing is dead the next day with the battery flat.

What command did you use to try to change the charge current?

I remember seeing power drain concerns in the DevTerm posts back when I was just haunting the forums instead of participating. This was one of the main reasons I wanted protected 18650s so that my cells were less likely to be damaged by over discharge if the uConsole had the same issue.

I wonder if adding a hard power cutoff like a nice clicky switch between the battery module and the rest of the system would work? Since i don’t have my uConsole yet, would you be interested in pulling your battery module out and measuring to see if there is a discharge over time with it disconnected from the rest of the system?