How to play snes game

I have received the gameshell console,but I found that it only can play gba and nes , so how can i play snes game on gameshell console,thanks

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maybe u can try download RetroArch snes9x core and copy snes game and run

The forum rules for talking about emulators are a bit grey, but we have a community forum for figuring out stuff like this:

thanks,but it did not work


I got it,thank you very much

What folder do I put the snes games in?

You can create a snes catalog and put a configure file in that catalog ; Using the ssh to connect the gameshell and you will know how to do if you know some linux knowledge;

Sorry I figured it out. Now stuck on removing cores i have added to retro arch.

SSH intro it, then navigate to home/CPI/.config/retroarch and I believe /cores with command: rm corename you can then delete

I have been stuck on expanding the active partition after upgrading to larger memory card. Parted and gdisk hasn’t worked

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you can download the core from ,Or edit the config file like gba config file

Have you tried a livecd version of gparted ? Worked for me…