Best way for backup sd-card?

Hey, i received my GameShell yesterday and i’m very exiting to play with.

But first, I would like to make a backup of the SD card. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way for me?

The image that is on the SD card is the same that is available for download here. So technically there already is a backup.
But to answer your question: try using win32diskimager if you are on windows. It can read your SD card and store it as an image. And if you want to reflash your SD card you can write the image you created to the SD card.
If you are on Linux you can use the dd command, but be carefull using that!


Thank you very much. That helps :slight_smile:

I recommend:


These are very stable!

I would normally recommend Etcher as well (already did somewhere else in the forum), but as far as I know it does not have an option to create an image from an SD card. It can only write images to SD cards.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Oh I didn’t know that. The libreelec program does let you backup the file.

This is usefully for me because once you have a cool structure of your directories, games, cores, new icons or shortcuts in the desktop… Cant´image if I loose all this configuration! BEtter make an SD backup eventually…