GameShell Image

Beware! Noob question here. is there a way to download a ready-to-use image of the os with all working emulators etc. like it is available for retropie. 8, 16, 32gb or more. ??

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Oh yeah, that would be sweet. I hope someone can fix that!

Well, if you find a person who had setup the OS like you would like to use it, ‘dd’ can be used to create an image and copy that image to your SD card.

I hardly recommend to chew through the hard learning curves of Unix-like systems on your own and tinker the OS as you want it to be. After that, you can make your own image of the SD card, like I mentioned before.

Believe me: There are not much things more rewarding than getting things to work with the help of some people and your own effort reading, learning and adapting things until you completed your mission.

Eventually it would be awesome to have a Lakka image for the GameShell, but not with the current performance to be honest.

I didn’t even try the 16GB micro SD card that my GS came with. I downloaded the 0.3 and flashed my 64GB card. I haven’t had any issues with it outside of an occasional ROM I load, just showing a blank screen and then the menu button not responding. So then I just power cycle the device.

All of the apps that come with the image, seems to work ok. I haven’t had a chance to test out Bluetooth or the HDMI yet.

Do you use retroarch because you can’t remap the buttons.

I’m not too sure about Retro Arch. I looked at some of the settings, but didn’t do much. I haven’t had much success with configuring Retro Arch on fire stick or RBP3+. This one looks really basic. I only changed my button configuration for snes compatible in the settings and applied them. That seemed to help greatly in some of the games.

So I’m new to Gameshell and RetroArch. I changed something and now can’t use the buttons to select within RetroArch. Not sure how to do anything anymore except for revert to the image it came with. Does anyone know where I can find one? or do I just reformat the microSD w RetroArch?

update: NEVERMIND… just found it!
here’s the link in case someone needs it: GameShell OS image files