Is it possible to duplicate my memory card on a windows pc?

I have a Gameshell, fully pimped out with everything I want on it.
I got a second Gameshell to give to my little brother. I’m gonna give him the original included memory card, but I want to give him a copy of the memory card currently in my gameshell so he can jump right in and play if he wants.

I’m on a windows PC, so I can’t access the files on the memory card directly, but I know I can WRITE an ISO file to a memory card that my computer can’t access the files of, but can I also create an ISO the same way? One that I could then write onto a blank memory card.

What program would I need to do this? Thanks for all your help, helpful people!

Absolutely anything that can make image files will read whatever is on the as card regardless of whether or not it’s viewable within windows.

Basically anything that people use for raspberry pi imaging can be used.

Try this:

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I used Etcher before to write a disk image in the .iso format to an memory card. What I want to do is take the contents of a memory card and make a .iso file from that.

I downloaded Win32 Disk Imager and it is only for writing iso files. Do you know about creating an iso from from a memory card? I honestly don’t even know the technical terminology of what the process would be called to google it myself.

Edit: I did some more searching, maybe I wasn’t understanding how to use win32 disk imager. What i’ve found is suggesting that I can make an iso file with it, and maybe i’m doing it now.

Edit: I made it work!!! Thanks so much!

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Yup! You got it! I personally prefer to write img files, for compatibility reasons. It’s just the standard for me. I personally normally attribute ISO files to burning read only discs.