I want to restore my gameshell to the state I received it

Hi there, I am new to programming, messed up big time and now I just want to restore everything to how it was when it was shipped(default). Is this possible?


just re-flash the SD card with the OS version you received.

You can download the images here.

I’d recommend flashing the SD card with ‘Etcher’.

Flash means format? I’m sorry if I sound silly

Don‘t worry.

By saying „flashing an SD card“ I mean rewriting the operating system to the SD card. An, yes: this may include reformatting (in this case wiping) the SD card.

Since you wanted a clean start, there is nothing to loose.

Thank you so much, you are a savior!

I upgrade the error as shown
someone help me please59766848_318751982154380_2850450183810973696_n