Black screen/Won't boot


Anyone had experience with a black screen/nothing booting? I put it all together, plugged it in and I have no LED indicators on the mainboard at all.

I’ve tried unplugging everything and just running off USB and still nothing. I have a feeling it’s a dead board.


Edit: check your sd card and make sure it’s aboslutely in right. Don’t expect any lights etc unless everything is 100% connected.

Either your microSD is missing or corrupt. You can download the clockworkos image and copy it to the microSD to start clean again.

He means micro SD instead of micro USB

Looks like it was potentially an issue with how the SD card was seated. I was expecting some sort of input response even without the SD inserted so that also threw me off.

Seems to be working now!

Doh! (head-slap) Thanks @Petrakis. It’s corrected.