Will not charge now


All of a sudden my clockwork is not charging I have tried a few different cables and bricks, I have tried swapping the sd card, and I have tried unplugging the battery cables and plugging them back in but all that seems to happen is nothing.


you mean even you plugged usb cable line,and gs still not boot up?
and the light on back of gs not turned on ?


When i plug it in nothing happens no light no boot and no charging. Its like its not plugged in but as soon as i plug the usb into my phone it charges it np


so unplug your battery , and plug the usb line into GS, the GS won’t boot up right?

if that so
seems like hardware problem

and make sure your SD card is ok with a working OS image

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Yeah let’s isolate the issue here as either a battery fault of a mobo fault

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No change when i disconnect the battery and plug in, the GS will not boot that way. And I have 2 sd cards with working OS image the 16 it came with and the 32 I was running on and with either one I still have the issue. Yes I was leaning to the main board myself.


Try one more thing for me (I’m sure you have already)

But hold the power button and see if that will boot it up. (I’ve pulled the battery out of mine, and put it back in. It wouldn’t boot with just a press like normal. I had to “wake” it almost)

I don’t think it will solve the issue but it’s worth a shot!

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It turns on fine but wont charge the battery when its connected when the battery is unhooked it will not turn on even with holding the power button … but tks.


So who do i contact about a warranty on the defective board then?


Have you tried a hardware reset? The button is opposite the power button on the board.

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yes i have used that option quite a few time when i find roms that wont run and lock up the system, and no change. Its just not charging period.


I have now emailed Help@clockworkpi.com twice once last week once this week and no response. This is not how to back up a product imo.


Well they finally replied made said try another battery and that didnt change anything it still will not charge. Now its been 3 days since i responded to them and nothing. I am seriously loosing hope about this company standing behind their product.

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