Bluetooth device on gameshell

I also tried to use the Driver hid for Joypads in RetroArch as udevadm persists on looking at it as hid-generic device. no luck. so neither udev nor linuxraw nor hid are usefull.
But if I use sdl2 as driver, it shows me the 8Bitdo Zero would not be configured! Only binding doesn’t work.

dang I got it! sdl2 as driver works correctly! but RA grabbed the gamepad and assigned it to Input 1. that’s why it was disabled for Input 2 :expressionless:
IO removed the udev rule now and I am looking forward to happy gaming with my kids :joy:

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Glad to hear that!:joy:

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I was trying to connect Steam Controller to my GameShell. I was able to pair the controller through the Bluetooth menu. But RA doesn’t recognize it.

I’m going to try to troubleshoot it further next weekend. Has anyone tried to play with this controller too?

so i got a 8Bitdo gamepad , it seems to connect to GS but ingame I have no controlls. I tried assigning User1 input to the gamepad but GS only sees retropad. I’ve read the entire thread and i didn’t understand much and i’m kind of lost. Any thorough guides on how to set this up ?

I wanted to use Bluetooth for my headset but it cannot pair. I’ve also encountered this with a bluetooth keyboard. it sees them, i click to pair and then it fails. then it shows its connected but of course they don’t work. is this an issue with 0.3 or maybe my devices? they work fine on my phone and my laptop & tower

i managed to make it work somehow. I was wondering if you can connect 2 8BitDo gamepads at the same time. HAs anyone tried?

Hi! @atomsk Sorry for your replay.
Now, I tried using 8bit Zero Gamepad for the first time in a long time, but recognized it normally.
Are you trying to connect two 8Bitdo zero gamepads? Was there no way to recognize it as a second controller? (the first B + START, the second B + R + START? I have never done.)

Does anyone know a good way?

nope i haven’t tried. I was wondering if it was possible in order to buy an additional one. If anyone has tried this and it worked please let us know.

To connect your Bluetooth keyboard follow my solution from Problems connecting to Bluetooth keyboard.

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Anyone got a good walkthrough for getting this 8bitdo SN30 Pro to work?

It connects no problem. I just get no response from it and it doesn’t show up in RA. I don’t understand this thread to well.


Hello guys, I would like to know how to configure the 8bitdo SN30 Pro on gameshell too~

You could run showkey and press some keys and see whats the output, that way you will know to which keys you have to map in RA

It isn’t even working on the main menu for me, tho. Completely unresponsive, but connected. :confused:

Hi~ I am still trying to make my 8bitdo SN30 Pro work. May i know where should I place it ( 8Bitdo_Pro_SN30_BT_X.cfg)? Is there any joystick or driver directorys? thx

now I knew 8Bitdo_Pro_SN30_BT_X.cfg is in /home/cpi/.config/retroarch/autoconfig/udev/ and I still don’t understand how to make 8bitdo SN30 Pro work…

Same issue as the above posts. I have the 8bitdo Pro and it recognizes it fine in the bluetooth settings but no controls in game

is there any progress on using the bluetooth for anything other than controllers? I would REALLY like to be able to use my bluetooth headphones or a keyboard.

keyboard is ok
but headphones is impossible

why do you say its impossible? jack issue? (jack as in the software not the physical jack)
and keyboard does NOT work. i’ve tried 4 all worked fine with ubuntu but do not pair with 0.4