Understanding Clockwork OS v0.2 (Unoffical Change-log)

I’ve noticed theres been a bit of confusion around Clockwork OS v0.2 (including myself). I did some research into it and wanted to help clarify it to other that have not looked into it, or are curious what is new.

:question: Want to update your GameShell to v0.2?

I recommend doing a fresh flash of your SD card using these files, and using a flashing tool such as Etcher. Having problems? Please refer to this forum thread.

:eyes: Reviewing the changes

I am still updating this as I look into things and make discoveries. So this post will be a on-going effort for the next week or so. This forum post is also not a official outline of whats new. I am not involved in anything with ClockworkPi.

  • :floppy_disk: HDMI Drivers Pre-Installed
    The new revision of Clockwork GameShell includes a HDMI out port. This adds support to make it work.

  • :floppy_disk: USB Ethernet Driver Installed
    Support pre-installed to get internet off a connected PC. (Making that link emulate and create a ethernet connection when WiFi isnt reliable or available). More about that here: [USB-ETH] How to transfer files if you have unstable wifi and GitHub (Low level comments, Added usb0 to /etc/network/interfaces).

  • :floppy_disk: Bluetooth Driver Installed
    Did you know your GameShell has bluetooth connectivity available? Its true! Pre v0.2, The system didnt have menus or functionality setup to take advantage of this. Now, you can connect Bluetooth devices, including support to do it through the native Clockwork Launcher settings menu. Some low-level details can be found here: https://github.com/clockworkpi/bluetooth/wiki

  • Notifications
    Appears that things like notifications have been added. This only includes a “Low Battery” warning, but I am sure it’ll support more in the future.

  • Reload UI added to Launcher
    This is a menu item that allows you to reload the UI if you’re making changes and adding things to the launcher. This is especially handy if you’re frequently making changes. Its mostly a debug feature, and not needed for typical usage of the device for gaming. More about that here: "Reload.sh" for Reloading Launcher

  • LauncherGo added (Alpha version of a new launcher)
    To be honest. I still havent figured this out. Theres the git page repo for it, and it appears to add skin support and languages(?). Also appears to be written in golang, im assuming, has better support for new things. https://github.com/cuu/LauncherGoDev (Thanks @Godzil for the correction)

  • Launcher updated to v.1.23
    The launcher you know and love has been updated to include some new things. Including support for the newly added things like Bluetooth, languages, etc.

  • Bug Fixes
    I cant go over every bug that was fixed, but if you’re curious, head over to Github and checkout the commits and changes. That may reveal what bugs were squashed. :bug:

Low-level / Back end changes
  • "Awesome Desktop" Supported
    Awesome is a window manager for desktop enviroments. My understanding of why this was added is not currently clear to me. More information about “awesome” can be found here https://wiki.debian.org/Awesome

  • apt-get sources added
    This is solely a backend thing. Some sources were changed when it comes to the repositories that the OS refers to for updating and apt-get package support. /etc/apt/sources.list

Please feel free to comment and reply with your own discoveries. Please keep all help requests to the other v0,2x thead, here: Upgrade path for Clockwork OS v0.2


This thread is not intended for support and help upgrading to ClockWork OS v0.2. Please refer to this forum posts for that! Upgrade path for Clockwork OS v0.2



The real repository for launchergo is there:

What is under CPI is just a “release” depot which is well. not the best thing to do (binary git repository are never a great thing)

The “LauncherGoDev” should also be part of of CPI set of repositories

Thanks for the correction! :heart:

will do ,wait a while until I re-write most of the launcher into launchergo

No worries :slight_smile:

You are very welcome!