Box86/64, wine and steam working on RPiOS

So im sure some of you want to get more games on here, and maybe you would want steam. Fyi you arent going to get top of the line gaming on this but you will be able to get things that arent demanding like for example risk of rain 2013 (got it working like butter), under rail (laggy but playable) and both fear&hunger and necesse (both very laggy and frustratingto run). I think the process with the famous Pi-Apps does a good job of easily installing wine and steam automatically but i have had a bit of trouble with it installing box86/64 when getting wine installed. My recommendation is to install box86/64 first before getting wine and then steam (make sure to restart before loading up steam for the first time) and this link will help you achieve that. Bare in mind the steps for box86 has a couple of errors; step one, you have to use 2 “-” after dpkg and with installing the binaries at the end you have to go through replacing all the “-”. Reason why is that there are some serious typos and its to do with - - turning into a longer – and if you are vigilant enough, youll notice it in the instructions (you might be able to spot them on the binaries but its saferto replace them all with a SINGLE “-” just to be safe). But yh overall i dont know why this typo exists and also learnt a new typing character symbol while figuring out the solution. But after getting box86/64, ignore installing wine from that web link (doesnt work) and just get wine and steam through pi-apps and reboot and after login and some compatibility configerations (hint:its in settings under compatibility) and switching to small mode, you should get an ok running of steam. Just make sure to tick the compatibility box with each game in preferences after installing the game. Would be cool too if people would post other steam games that work on uconsole on here so that we know what to get installed/buy for it.


Omg even this website turns my - - into a longer – :joy:

Also my experience is that any game made with Unity engine won’t work, it’ll load and then close itself :disappointed_relieved:. Maybe go for games from the early 2010s or before.

Update: Moonring works, its a little slow but its a turn-based game so it shouldnt be a problem when effecting gameplay
Also Celeste works, might need to try it out once or twice before it runs

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Also install AntiMicroX (through pi-apps) to map the gamepad buttons (to whatever) to make them work on whatever game. Just make sure to have it running in the background while playing or it wont work

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So steam doesnt work no more :sob:, something to do with a package on an update which throws it out of whack and makes it hella poo, hopefully there will be a patch sorted soon or someone figures out a way for it to work

Turns out its a box64 issue, posted the logs to running steam to the box64 github, turns out its happening to other people too. Will post on here if i hear anything

So right now the creator of box64 is going through trying to fix the issue now, you can keep up to date with whats going on on here:

For anyone who already has box64 (and this will be helpful for updating any repo from github) you can update it by either writing:
git pull origin master
git pull origin main

Hope this helps and hopefully we can get to see what sort of steam games we can play on this fancy little thing, please let us know here if you encounter any playable games

Steam is working now after doing a “sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade” but ive only tried it on bookworm, anyone want to try it on the os that clockworkpi supplies just incase a little busy atm to check