Do i dare ask.........Steam

So for all you people out there with a uConsole, have you managed to get Steam running on it? Yes i know it probably wont be powerful enough to play recent games on it but maybe some old or less demanding stuff. Tell us all your experiences on the subject good or bad.

Straight forward. No

If you realy realy want it and have spare time. Maybe.
Most (all?) modules for uconsole, I know off, are ARM processor based.
So you would need something like box86 to get steam running at all.

A quick google for “box86 steam” showed some promising results, but I never tried it. I dont know if I ever receive my uconsole :frowning:

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The closest you’ll get is running steamlink on the uConsole to stream from your actual computer.


There is the R01, which is RISC-V, but that’s even less likely to run Steam any time soon. (It is a pretty cool chip, though.)

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Not sure if it works since this was posted or what would be involved, but this post on Gaming on Linux where they talk about launching Steam through Box86 and Box64 makes me think some flavor of fuckery may be possible?


I was just coming here to say this. USE BOX 64 IF YOU RUN 64-BIT. Compiling from source is highly recommended with DYNAREC or whatever enabled along with the relevant SoC configuration that you are using. This is the best way to do it but don’t expect more rendering power than what you have.

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If you have games that don’t have Steam DRM (so you can run just the game and not Steam) and use SDL (because Box64 will use your system SDL instead of emulating it), your chances are pretty good of being able to run those games. Performance issues will vary.

Basically, if you can avoid running Steam, you should try that instead. Getting Steam to work is a lot more trouble than the games alone.


I’ve just found this video which seems to pretty well outline how to get Steam running on ARM, and the workarounds needed, I don’t have my uConsole as yet, but will definitely be trying some of these methods when I do.