Building a newer version of mesa?

Does anyone have experience with this, or insight into what options were used when building the mesa version that ships with the A06 (as part of armbian)?

There’s an issue (GLXBadFBConfig error) that seems to have been fixed in upstream versions of mesa, but the version we have on the Devterm is the older one with this issue.

I took a look at the docs and there’s good info about building the latest version (Compiling and Installing — The Mesa 3D Graphics Library latest documentation) but I’m not sure which options should be used both to get it to work properly and also to get it to work as well as it can. I found this post (Building panfrost natively on armv8 (rockpi4b / RK3399) on Debian "buster" · GitHub) which may have similar options considering the hardware sounds similar, but I’m not sure if it’s wise to use those options, no options, or what, when building.

The issue this resolves should allow a LOT more x86/x64 applications to work in Wine and potentially fix some of the applications that don’t run directly under Box86/Box64 (that don’t need Wine).

While I’m fine building applications, I feel a bit out of my depth building mesa, as I’d rather not break the GL support we currently have. The good news is it seems like it’s relatively easy to test a new version without entirely replacing the old one. I’m just not sure where to start with the build options.

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