Can A06 HDMI support 4k60?

Has anyone tried to connect A06’s hdmi to a 4k60 monitor? Does it work?
Does it also work together with the built-in lvds LCD panel?

Running an A04, and curious about A06. Thanks in advance.

You can have HDMI and the internet panel yes, though 4K maybe possible, but I doubt at 60fps.

I intended to use it as a terminal, as its name suggested… to manage several computers and embedded devices using Remmina which can support Windows remote desktop, vnc, ssh, etc… in one software. I can then use only one 4k60 monitor to login to multiple clients.

Unfortunately a04 hdmi does not work for now. I’m considering to buy a a04 core board, but I’d like to know for sure before action.

bananapie with rk3399 claims to do it: