Will HDMI on the A04 module ever work?

Okay seriously what’s going on with this? Is it just no longer officially supported? @AlexDuan please give us some sort of update because this has been broken for a long time and if it’s not going to ever work you should at least come out and say so.


I would like to know the progress on this as well, one of my major use cases would be to connect this to an external monitor while at my desk at work and I still can’t do that

i’m pessimistic about this.

I too highly doubt that it will ever work. I have an a04, and I really wish the external display worked. I will just wait for another SoM to launch and use the a04 without an external screen until then.

The R01 also has no HDMI out with xrandr not even showing that a second monitor exists. I somewhat expected this out of the R01 though.

Oh, that’s interesting to learn - I haven’t tried attaching to the HDMI yet. Is this a known / expected limitation, then? I guess I should comb through the specs.

Me too, TBH. The A04 was rolled out with a sorely-incomplete OS image, very disappointing. I believe it doesn’t support the printer module either.

I’ll keep using mine as it is until another module comes out (if another one comes out) that is more complete. x86 would be my preference at this point. I want full sleep mode. I want to be able to use the printer. I want the screen to work properly. I’m not too fussed about HDMI but since it’s there I’d like it to work. I want to be able to use standard Debian if I can’t use Windows. I want an on-module eMMC so I can keep the SD card slot empty or use it as an expansion as I wish.

I know this is “just” a toy, but it’s a toy that happens to be a complete computer, and it has the potential for being a very useful piece of equipment, but for a handful of features left wanting.

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My A04 prints just fine. My only real issue is the lack of HDMI, which mostly wouldn’t matter but I do have a particular use for it.

What’s going on with your printer?

Nothing TBH, I haven’t got round to buying paper for it yet. But I’ve heard people saying it doesn’t work (or doesn’t work properly) so I’m not sure how ready I am to buy the paper.

Printer works, it turned out to be something we were installing was breaking it (I can’t remember what, I think it might’ve been flatpack, it’s buried in the forum somewhere).

As for HDMI yep still an issue, hopefully the CM4 adapter will fix that for me when that shows up as I need more oomph than the A04 can give it seems.

Did you get the CM4 adapter? Could you share if the CM4 HDMI works after having it?

Thinking that the A04 module is a heavily compromised version. Sucks.

Well I ordered it, but it won’t arrive for a while, and it’ll take me even longer to find a CM4 to go in it as I don’t already have one so it’ll be a while before I’m able to test it.

In the meantime maybe someone will figure out how to get the HDMI to work on the A04 you never know

after brief testing with latest 0.2f firmware for A04, there is still no fix, even no default xrandr shifting to fix the screen vertical offset issue. :dotted_line_face:

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Sad, is it even fixable?

It seems it is being worked on: