Can I start Linux Games on my Clockworkpi?

Hey Folks!

My Clockworkpi just arrived on Monday and I wanted to know if I can Play Linux games on it.
At least I would like to try this game:

Its a fanbased “PROLOG” of Day of the Tentacle. Of Course I could just run it on my Computer, but it would be more fun to Play on the Clockworkpi!

If you could do me any advice to install and Play (at least if it really works) I would be greatful for that!

Thank you Guys and happy playing with your Clockworkpi!

If the game have it’s sources available, probably.

If it is a closed source game, and no ARM build, no you will not be able.
And even with an ARM build, you may not be able to run it.

Its a DRM-Free Game. Probably I try my luck.
Will Update you if I get it to work properly

You can find the install of scummv in the retro arch. Try to use that with your game… I don t know if it work on it but it s a fanmade lucasart game so… I hope that s the same engine

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Well DRM free does not mean open source.

They have a Linux build, but only for x86


SCUMMVM support standard SCUMM games (and other engines)

What engine they are using on that project?

According to the page the IO linked, it was made in Unity. I’d say getting it to run is looking very improbable sadly.

Also, Prolog is a programming language. You meant prologue. Just FYI.

grammar jerk up up and away!!*

ok, my bad, i was giving him some hope ^^

For those pesky Linux binaries with no ARM flavor, I’d recommend checking out Exagear.

It’s quite fast!