Can I upload savestates?

So I just started playing ocarina of time on Every time I download the save state then upload it back to the emulator when I want to play. Can I upload the save file to ocarina of time on retroarch so I don’t have to start at the beginning?

If you can export the save via that arcade site, and it’s in a compatible format, then you should be able to import it.
I have no idea how that site works. Probably best to hit them up on their forums.
When you find out what format they use, and if you can export the saves, let us know.

You mention save state. Is this what you meant? Or rather, the save ram file? Save state is a snapshot of the hardware state of the emulation. Unless the online resource is using Mupen64plus, I doubt very much that it would work.
If it’s a save ram file, it’s the file that would be saved to a physical n64 cart, and most likely a standard file. In this case it would be compatible.

I don’t know how to attach the file but go to the website, play a real game for a while and then the emulator gives you an option to download so do it. That is the file.

Can you just say what the file extension is?

Big yikes when you look at what is installed alongside anything trying to run, while initialising that site. You’re basically allowing back door Trojans, malware and ads. I’m not going to run that on my computer when I can just run an emulator instead.

Long story short; cut your losses and just start again, and for your benefit (and your computer’s wellbeing) I’d probably urge you not to use that site.

So there is absolutely no way to upload it? If this helps, on the side where it says wich kind of file it is it says SAVE file.

I don’t think I ever said that there wasn’t. Sorry if you thought I did.

I can’t say for certain, until you tell me exactly what kind of file you’re dealing with. I’m afraid I am not in a position where I am willing to make a fresh burner computer OS installation, just to test a site that may fill my machine with malware.

A save state and a save ram are very different things, and you’ve used the term interchangeably. If it’s the former, I would say no. If the latter, possibly yes.

The extension which you’ve given, being .SAVE is. Of a recognised standard. The conventional format is usually eep, mpk, fla and sra. It could just be a standard format, relabelled.

Have a look at this external link for some more information.

Why not try installing mupen64plus on your computer, then see if your exported save works? If it works on your computer, it will work on the gameshell.

Good idea but I don’t know how to install it. When I did it in the terminal, it said something was locked. Do you know what might have happened?

This is extremely vague. It’s like saying, “I tried to put the wheel on my car, but something didn’t go in.”

What are you installing? Which version? How are you doing it? What operating system are you using? What version? Have you installed any required dependencies?

If it’s locked, it’s probably a permissions thing. Are you running processes as a super user?

Ultimately though, you really should be checking the respective forum of the program you’re trying to install.

Btw, do you have much experience with this kind of stuff? Ie, troubleshooting, and finding solutions yourself. Or so you prefer to ask, and have people find solutions for you; then copy paste things? Just for future reference, so I don’t end up suggesting things that will end up with 10 more questions.

I re-read everything in this topic. I think it may actually be a save ram file. Also the emulation is very smooth for any N64 game so they might be using mupen64plus. What would I do if this assumption is right? I’ll try anything I can. I almost got the spiritual stone of water.

If your assumption is correct, you would rename the extension to one that mupen64plus accepts, and put it in the correct directory.