Can uConsole use CM4 108000 with 8GB of ram?

Hi, everybody, good morning, good day and good evening (wherever you come from). Juse a quick question:

Has anybody tried running CM4 108000 Lite (8GB ram without eMMC) on a uConsole?

I am about to order a silver barebone kit and have to get a CM4 myself. My local store offers 108000 and 104000 at similar price. And more ram is always desirable. So here I come.

Thank you four you time and…


It should work fine. If mine ever shows up thats what’s going in mine.

I’ve also read in this forum that it works.

Thank you sir…I’ll check on that!

If you want to get a hold of one in the US I’d try, they have hundreds of them and ship fast. Heres the link to the part

A CM4108000 will work fine in both the uConsole and DevTerm. This how I have mine configured.

Do no attempt to use a CM4 without on-module wifi. The CM4 cannot access the Clockwork Pi 3.14 v4/v5 WiFi controller. Additionally, I would not use a CM4 containing eMMC because the module cannot be flashed through the Clockwork Pi v4/v5 USB-A port, and having eMMC removes SDIO (SD card) capability. They’re mutually exclusive, but this is a general Raspberry Pi 4 limitation, unrelated to the uConsole or DevTerm.

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More ram will be fine if not great, go for it.

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The price is really attractive, but sadly, I am in Europe.

Thank you, sir, noted!

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Yeah, better have it and not need it…

Did you happen to sign up just to ask right away? Are you aware your question has been answered before?

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No, but I searched 108000 instead of cm4 8g lite.
Should be more careful.

Update:Already flagged this post as duplicated, the forum admin should see it anytime

And let me say this, thank you for monitoring the duplicated posts. It helps the forum, though not many people would appreciate it!

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