Can someone who has cm4 clones laying around try it on the uconsole?

There many cm4 compatible modules such as the Radxa Cm3, Banapi cm4 or the Luckfox core3566, all having the same sockets to be used on cm4 connectors.

I wanted to know if they would work if you flash the Clockwork cm4 image in their eeprom, or, if its a lite version, boot correctly from sd card.

I know it will require quite a lot of tinkering in software, but I just want to know how it will turn out.

Did someone tried this out?
Reason: rpi overpriced for high demand want to know if cm4 alternatives are even remote to being compatible

I’ve tried the Radxa CM3 with the RPI CM4 I/O board image just to see if it’d work, but no joy, as expected. It’s a Rockchip 3566 SoC, close to the A06, but just different enough. Most of the 3566 boards are still running 4.19, which is less than ideal.

From my (limited) understanding, you’d have to create a device tree and patch in the kernel modules to get it to recognize everything on the CPI 3.14 carrier board. I tinkered with it, and all it did was melt my brain. Might try again in a while, unless someone way smarter than me figures it out first. :slight_smile:


Was half expecting this… Thanks for the response. For now I will stick to the Rpi line then. Wish someone with more wrinkles find a way though :face_with_spiral_eyes:

An uConsole with more cores to play with would make this the swiss knife of opensource portable computing, AI apps running natively and all that… Wish if @AlexDuan could tell us if there’s any plan on supporting other CM4 modules with images to plug and play…

That would be not possible, since they are different hardware, they use different boot method (such as different u-boot with hardware specified boot code), even if the kernel is possible to boot universally, they still need first stage boot-things (u-boot) to load kernel.

rpi’s image will only include boot method on pi, rk3399 image will only include boot method on 3399 board, etc. It’s not even about being open source, just different between hardware.

Welcome to embedded world. I suggest get some background knowledge about embedded arm hardware, that will help you have more fun on uConsole/Raspberry Pi/SBC.

bootlin has some great courses, you can check this website:

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I ordered an R01 module and have a CM4. But I also got a Banana Pi CM4 (Amlogic A311D). Hoping to package my own bootloader + kernel + userspace. Not sure if I’ll have the time to do all the work on it though :frowning:


Very much appreciated, this is the reason I started to participate more in the community, to learn, thanks for the guidance! :grin:

Bookmarking this comment. Will be very interested.