Can the Clockwork pi run The fangame Sonic robo blast 2

sonic robo blast 2 has a linux release and I was wondering if it is possible to play it on the clockwork pi another question is, is it possible to run the following games (using emulators)
.Net64(super mario 64 online)
.Sonic the fighters(Mame Emulator)
Sega Saturn games

try compile it, it’s open source >

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I dont have a clockworkpi so i want to know if its possible before i buy the clockworkpi I also want to know if those 2 other games work for it

it run and is playable, depending of where sonic is in the level it run between 10 and 35 fps

n64 games run so your hack of mario may work,
for the mame game it may run, perf will be the question to know if it will be playable or not

for run yabause i never try, it may be hard as saturn got 3 cpu and 2 gpu to emulate.

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